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Breaking News!

I’ve looked around at other sites about anchor Laura Diaz,and other than her own official website lauradiazonline.com, they are all sadly lacking.  No current news for her fans to see, and no official Fan site 😦  So,I’ve decided to fix that!  I saw that the website http://www.lauradiaznews.com/ was coming open to register,soI grabbed it!  I think it’s time for Laura Diaz to have her own Official Fan Club — and that’s my goal for LauraDiazNews.com.  Stay tuned!

Cooler Than You: Tara Ariano

Funny,smart. I totally want to hang out with Tara Ariano.

I first ‘met’ Tara Ariano (who often goes by the online moniker Wing Chun) by reading her personal website Hissyfit (now defunct, more’s the pity).  On Hissyfit,Tara released in chapter form a novel she (tried to) write when she was 13.  I can’t tell you how funny “Untitled: A Bad Teen Novel” is…you’ll have to read it for yourself!

She is one of the founders of TelevisionWithoutPity.com — a TV recap and messageboard site bought by BravoTV, and not nearly as snarky-cool or correctly-spelled as it was when it was under private control.  I love listening to Tara as a contributor to the Girls Bike Club back-and-forth on TomatoNation (yes, I bought the CD, shut up!) and as a regular contributor to the Extra Hot Great podcasts.  Although, truth,we had a bit of a mini-breakup when I heard she wasn’t into Game of Thrones…oh well, nobody’s perfect 😉


Fangirlcrush Update — Anchor Laura Diaz no longer with CBS

Breaking News!  Well, semi-breaking 😉  Our fave Latina anchorwoman has left KCBS –and good riddance to that station, is what I say.  Laura announced back in September that she’d be leaving “to produce projects under her own banner” according to the official press release (via LA Observed).  And, I am hoping she’ll be able to either find a new position that will make better use of her talents in prime time, instead of relegating her to fluffy pieces in the 6pm slot (as I’ve previously complained); or, perhaps she’ll make more of the harder-hitting long-form pieces she’s famous for.

Meanwhile, I’m psyched to see that Laura Diaz has graduated from a facebook personal profile to an official fb Fan Page (probably prompted by nearing 5,000 ‘friends’ 😉  She’s a Public Figure of course! http://www.facebook.com/lauradiazanchor

Also, a new was recently to Laura Diaz’s official site showing that whatever she’s up to professionally, Laura Diaz is still very involved with the community here in Los Angeles http://www.lauradiazonline.com/outreach.html

Voice I trust: Anchor Laura Diaz

If you’re in LA (or, really anywhere that gets KCBS2/KCAL9), then you’re familiar with Laura Diaz, anchor for the 6pm news.  Why do I trust this woman so much??  I’m a pretty critical thinker, especially when it comes to local news, but for some reason I always feel this lady is speaking truth to me.  Why is that?

I guess part of it is the fact that Laura Diaz seems so plugged-in for a news anchor in the traditional medium of television.  She has a blog, she tweets, she’s even on Youtube…seriously, where does she find the time?  Just starting to write this blog is kicking my ass, time-wise.  A second thing I appreciate about Laura Diaz is that she seems like she has a good heart.  Lots of celebrities sit on the board for this charity or that organization, but this busy newsanchor really believes in the issues she supports, and puts her valuable self to work right on the front lines.

Also, she’s so pretty!

Anchor Laura Diaz

OK, OK, I’ve gushed enough for a little while — here’s some other ways to find CBS anchor Laura Diaz:

Laura Diaz official website

Laura Diaz on twitter

Laura Diaz on facebook

Stuck in my head: Katy Perry

So, I first saw Katy Perry on America’s Best Dance Crew — if you aren’t watching this show, you should be — and she sang her current (at the time) hit “I Kissed a Girl”.  I thought she was totally cute, obviously nervous, leggy/kinda gawky, and probably a one-hit-wonder.  My OHW assumption seemed to hold up because that song was Played To Death, constantly on the radio; I burned out on “I Kissed a Girl”, and I assumed America did, too.  The song (blessedly) left my radio…but Katy didn’t.

One hit followed after another — she’s still on the charts.  Not just as herself, she’s like the “It girl” right now!  I hear her with Kanye, Snoop…she’s all over.

Check out her latest efforts on Billboard:

Katy Perry all over the charts

And ALL of her songs get stuck in my head…GRRRR!

So, yeah, total girlie fascination here 🙂  Did you know she is married to comedian Russel Brandt?  I bet they can wear the same jean size — it’s a stretch for me to think about sharing a pair of pants with my husband…