Fangirlcrush Update — Anchor Laura Diaz no longer with CBS

Breaking News!  Well, semi-breaking 😉  Our fave Latina anchorwoman has left KCBS –and good riddance to that station, is what I say.  Laura announced back in September that she’d be leaving “to produce projects under her own banner” according to the official press release (via LA Observed).  And, I am hoping she’ll be able to either find a new position that will make better use of her talents in prime time, instead of relegating her to fluffy pieces in the 6pm slot (as I’ve previously complained); or, perhaps she’ll make more of the harder-hitting long-form pieces she’s famous for.

Meanwhile, I’m psyched to see that Laura Diaz has graduated from a facebook personal profile to an official fb Fan Page (probably prompted by nearing 5,000 ‘friends’ 😉  She’s a Public Figure of course!

Also, a new was recently to Laura Diaz’s official site showing that whatever she’s up to professionally, Laura Diaz is still very involved with the community here in Los Angeles


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